“And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,…”
II Timothy 2:24
We talk about having a “servant’s heart” because we know the importance of being a servant in the kingdom of God. Jesus, our greatest example, is portrayed as a servant throughout the Gospel of Mark. But the reality is that where there is a servant’s heart there will be a set of serving hands. We must remember that a servant never tells his master what he will or will not do. Instead he does whatever his master asks of him…without argument or complaint. If you desire to be a servant of the Lord don’t be surprised when you feel used.
Many Christians will say, “I want God to use me.” Any servant who is asking God to use them will feel like they are “being used” from time to time. So many today complain of “being used” but that is exactly how it feels when God uses us.
The way to tell if someone is truly a servant of the Lord is to see how they react when they are treated like a servant…when they are USED!
Lord, let me be used no matter how it feels and let me a servant be for thee.