Jason McNeese

Pastor McNeese was born into a pastor’s home in August of 1973. The Holy Ghost put his heart under severe conviction and for several months he wrestled with his own self-righteousness. Finally God brought him to the end of himself and he saw so startlingly clear that “all our righteousness’s are as filthy rags.” One night while lying on the bottom bunk in his bedroom on Rogers Lane in Tunnel Hill, Georgia, Jason finally relented to the wooing of the Holy Ghost. He ran across the hall and kneeling beside his parents he turned that bed into an old fashioned altar, called upon God and received that “gift of God…eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

When Jason was 18 years old, God called him to preach. Again he wrestled with that calling but God made it abundantly clear and one night while laying on the bottom bunk in his bedroom on Cody Road in Columbus, Georgia, he finally relented and accepted God’s Will for his life. It has been an interesting journey since that night which has led to many other decisions and many other destinations down many other roads until August of 2004 when God led Jason to become the Senior Pastor of Rural Retreat Baptist Church. Jason spent 10 years at Rural Retrat Baptist Church, until he was called to be the pastor at Emmorton Baptist Church in July of 2014.


Assistant Pastor

Mark Hill


Pastor Hill was born march 25, of 1979. However, it was not until he was 19 years old that he realized by God’s grace that “ye must be born again”. On January 29, 1999, he repented and called on the Lord and was Gloriously saved.

Less than a year after getting saved the Lord began to deal with his heart about preaching the Word of God. In October of 1999, while attending a mission conference he surrendered to preach. Since then, he has served as a missionary in Ireland, as the youth director at Gateway Baptist church in Boiling springs, S.C., and as the Pastor of Alpine Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. 
He has now been serving as the Assistant Pastor at Emmorton Baptist Church since September of 2016.