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    You can use this form to request support from the A/V or Tech team for your church related event. Please understand that our tech team is 100% volunteer based, and while we try, we may not always be able to accommodate your request. The earlier we get your request, the better chance that we will be able to support it - ie. there's a much better chance we can provide the support you need if you let us know 6-8 weeks ahead of time, than if you let us know 1-2 weeks ahead of time.

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    ***Please understand that our technical team is trained, and strives for excellence, and they may determine that you need different equipment than you requested to provide the best experience for your event. They have the final say on what equipment is provided to meet your specific event need, so you may not always get the exact equipment that you are requesting.

    Main Sound/Projector SystemPortable Sound SystemPortable Projector with ScreenPortable RecordingPortable TV - How many? ___Laptop - How many? ___Announcement Slide CreationWebsite UpdateEBC A/V Team Member to attend event (some services may require an EBC A/V team member to be present)

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    ***We will make every effort to meet your request but please understand that we cannot always meet every request.

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    Image/DVD/Video Copyright Notification
    Copyright laws make the church liable for any media that is used during any church event if that media is not properly licensed. This is not our rule, but it is the law, and we believe that it is our responsibility to abide by it. We cannot set a good example for the community to draw them to Christ if we disregard laws that we don't agree with. The penalties for violating copyright can be steep (up to $150,000 per violation), and so, we try diligently to ensure that we do not violate those laws. We subscribe to a service that provides us with licensed images and some short videos that we can legally use - anything that does not come to us via this subscription service, we must verify the license for. A quick note here - just because an image is on google, or YouTube, or any other search engine, does not mean that it is allowed to be used. By checking this box, you are acknowledging that you understand this, and that you will not use any media for your church event that the A/V Tech team has not verified the license for.